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“Common Sense Education Impactful Learning with Less Resistance"

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Darren Ashford, Founder


Common Sense Education is a collective unit of educators who have banded together to form, an innovative way of learning and educating.  With our own developed curriculum, and with our core partners, innovative LMS, aligned with our M.E.L © ™ 2013-2021, ''innovative drip-fed'' (chunk-byte learning methods in our LMS, along with our R.A.P © ™ 2013-2021 systemic, interactive, and integrated phonics we have empowered our learners expeditiously.
We are also working with our San Francisco, USA team to provide integrated STEM learning to prepare learners of all ages with 21st Century self-learning skills. We pride ourselves on quality and consistency and we will provide the best solutions for all our learners.


Common Sense Education provides various exceptional learning experiences for all of its learners, through innovative methodologies and integrated technologies. Our complete systems ensure fast disruptive learning patterns, for accelerated learning within all core fields and subjects. We have devised our own approach to learning phonics, with our R.A.P© ™ 2013-2021 methodology which combines the most effective of all 8 other methods, blended with an organic approach to "sounding out phonics" with the QFP, ZW & Maelan Way methods & techniques. Once the student understands and grasps the concepts inherent to our approach to learning phonics, with the supportive systems which are aligned with our innovative LMS, the student's learning will undergo a paradigm shift with the R.A.P© ™ 2013-2021 (Rapid Accelerated Phonetics)approach.
Our other specialized niche is in our learning deliverables & engagement of content through our LMS. Our uniquely developed gamification systems (incorporating elements of A.R, and VR, and STEM) empower learning too. We can ensure a high level of motivation in learning, with optimal attention. Our specially enhanced and in-house developed systems with our M.E.L© ™ 2013-2021 (Mikro Emmersive Learning) (throughout our LMS ensures that the attentive student's cognitive abilities are always alert and active for maximum learning retention. In this way, our students have faster recall and remember our learned content 45% longer than most other students. We have an active development team and are constantly improving on our learning methodologies and systems.
Feel free to drop us a line at if our solutions are something you see empowering your child, student, or company. We look forward to being of service to you and providing ''Impactful Learning with Less Resistance'' daily for you and your team.

Meet Our Team

Darren Ashford

Darren Ashford

Founder, Software Developer, Branding and STEM LMS Curriculum Development
Elliot Charles Willcox

Elliot Charles Willcox

Digital Branding and Investor
Jim Sanders

Jim Sanders

Digital Marketing
Cindy Cheung

Cindy Cheung

Online Learning and Development