As the co-founder of The Maelan Way and creator of the Quick Fix Phonics program, my personal teaching journey began over 20 years ago, and although I absolutely love what I do now, it wasn’t the future I had always envisioned. Firstly, teaching wasn’t in my game plan. I worked in healthcare management, spending most of my days managing medical practices and setting up new clinics from the ground up.

Zoie Way

Common Sense Education

Impactful Learning with Less Resistance

We understand, that learning in our modern world, under the current education model, can leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and oftentimes completely disheartened. No matter where you are on your learning journey, we’re here to tell you that we see you, we hear you and we support you.
Because the traditional classrooms are far too limited and restricted for our modern minds, and don’t offer the unique tools and techniques to support a truly progressive learning process, students are left feeling misunderstood, neglected, and disconnected from their learning capacity, which essentially leads to a low attitude, low self-esteem and low zest for life.
This is where we come in.
We don’t believe learning needs to be hard. In fact, our education platform is founded on one simple philosophy: Do less. Learn more. Redefining the old-age education system as we know it, our mission is to rapidly fast-track the learning process through the power of our phonics program - Quick Fix Phonics: a pioneering, intensive e-learning program that empowers natural reading and spelling within as little as four to six hours.
Integrating innovative materials with holistic methodologies, our approach looks beyond the act of learning, but rather, recognizes the learning experience by incorporating creative ways to reframe the mindset for long-lasting learning, allowing every learner to embrace their education, boost their confidence and bring an authentic sense of fulfillment within their learning journey.
With over 22 years of experience, our results, testimonials, and bespoken solutions speak abundantly for themselves and will continue to transform the life and learning journeys of students across the globe. Whether you’re starting from the bottom, feeling stuck in your progress, or simply want to supercharge your learning experience, we invite you to join our platform and allow us to reignite your passion, potential, and personal power within your learning journey, and beyond.

Brand Philosophy

Do less. Learn More

Driven to make learning easy, accessible, and radically impactful, The Maelan Way is an online education platform that provides a unique yet highly-effective learning system for people of all ages, across all walks of life.
Redefining the old-age education model as we know it, we’re here to create bold change by taking an innovative and holistic approach towards learning by developing simple microlearning solutions and a four to six-hour, cutting-edge, and intensive phonic program that not only empowers natural reading and spelling but also facilitates a long-lasting mindset shift that enhances development, daily motivation and a newfound sense of confidence in both learning and in life.



Learning and beyond

More than just a phonic program, our online education platform is meticulously designed with a holistic approach in mind. Developing students beyond the learning process, we aim to reframe their mindset, spark their curiosity and boost their everyday confidence both in learning and in life.


Learning together

We’re all about connecting, collaborating, and building a community-shared learning experience where people of all ages, across all walks of life, have easy access to effective education systems. Utilizing The Maelan Way™ network platform and Quick Fix Phonics, our modern e-learning methods are a supportive and inclusive way to learn, grow and excel…together.



Modern solutions for modern learning

We believe that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result. And since we have established the old-age education model is not supporting our learners optimally, we have developed innovative, unconventional and experiential learning solutions that are not only effective, but also work in synergy with the evolution of our modern era.