Darren Ashford

Darren Ashford

Founder, Software Developer, Branding and STEM LMS Curriculum Development


Darren has over 20 plus years in education, having taught ESL, in Thailand, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, and throughout Asia. He had worked with Wall Street institute in building up the company in Bangkok, Thailand, and helping the team there to expand throughout Asia. After arriving in Hong Kong and working with Wall Street Institute to increase its market share and reach, he worked with a variety of educational centers and tech companies in Hong Kong. He was instrumental in several software releases and the development of new products with SAAS for Outblaze games and Dip-Dip learning, as well as assisting the brands to expand to Australia and Japan. After completing projects there he worked as a consultant for Edmodo, and a variety of other companies in Hong Kong before teaming up with Common Sense Education Hong Kong & the phonics specialist The and its related subsidiaries and the like as well. A motivated innovator he is passionate about STEM technology, Fintech, crypto, branding, and music production

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