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Blockchain Technology:

Our game, titled “Glow Worms World” is intended to utilize blockchain and Web3 technology. Blockchain technology will be utilized to hold our characters on a blockchain as NFTs. We plan to gear towards, Hendera, Polygon, Solana, Ripple as well as Ethereum. Glow Worms World also is going to be geared towards a “Play-for-Purpose” paradigm.

Games are usually extensive experiences that have the ability to bring communities together like nothing else. A large number of people are investing large amounts of both money and time into games for presumably no reason other than because it brings them a level of personal enjoyment. The “Play-for-Purpose” paradigm is intended to change the reasons people play games to be more than that. This paradigm allows education and contributing to the greater good to be a part of the gaming experience, and allows people to contribute just by having fun regardless of whether or not they already care about the issue.


Glow Worms World is intended to build a community around and help with preventing climate change, stopping global warming, and helping with plant revegetation in order to help the earth heal organically. The main effort is in revegetating lands to help heal soils and increase nitrogen fixation and carbon density, nutrition in soils whilst mopping up co2 from the atmosphere into the consistency of revegetation and soil health amelioration(s).

Our NFTs are also intended to help the indigenous communities in Australia rebuild and promote their arts and culture by creating skins for our NFTs that relate to, resemble and reference these communities in Australia.

Furthermore, our NFTs will come with sovereign bonds to help our professional consumers gain their freedoms and sovereignty back through the micronation, Kingdom of Galpu (Dulunguru) which is located within Australia. These NFTs are intended to allow professional consumers to buy 3d homes as well as other infrastructure relating to sovereignty, freedom, and free enterprise within the micronation.

What is Glow Worms World?

Glow Worms World is designed to empower the entire global online community to reclaim a level of sovereignty, data integrity, and personal liberties. We intend to create a platform to deliver this to everyone in the world. The Glow Worm Army is to be established in the real, but yet to be established, Micronation of Dulunguru, in Eastern Arnhem Australia. Within the state and nation of the “Kingdom of the Galpu” in Dulunguru.

Our Character Roles:


The King – TBA

The Warrior – TBA

Spacewalker – TBA

The Supporter – TBA


Glow Worms are not just digital items in the game, they are also assets on the blockchain, referred to as “NFTs.” The blockchain allows for true digital ownership that non-blockchain based systems are unable to deliver. They can be traded on the Glow Worms marketplace but also on other marketplaces beyond Glow Worms World.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain technologies are great for powering self-sovereign communities due to their elevated levels of both transparency and efficiency, as well as the fact that they can be made to be earth friendly or “green.” Which in the current day is particularly important with the ever-present threat of climate change and everything that brings with it.