Play-for-purpose via NFT gaming.

This game revolves around the move-to-earn gaming principles, which requires users to physically move via walking, jogging/running, cycling, or even jumping and also going about skipping. It uses GPS system to track the user’s location and movement, but the user does not have to be outside to undertake any of these activities. For an illustrative purpose they may ride a peloton bike at home and begin earning tokens. The longer the user moves, the more tokens they can potentially earn, but they are only allowed to do 2 activities per day (by default at the moment). To gain more and other tokens, the activity must last at least 25 minutes ( by minimum default)  and can last up to 90 minutes. (maximum default).

However, if it surpasses the 90-minute time limit, no additional tokens are awarded. ( heoever special gaming bonuses and other awards and pooled funds can be staked and those with additional rewards, can participate for additional prizes etc.) To begin earning, all of the users must have had, and also firstly obtained a plant seed ( or batches there of and grown plants). They must have also have undertaken the first few processes to have them the users,  qualified in the fundamental processes of (the CSE metaverse and ecosystem). After some time the user can then begin harvesting  products from their garden/forest/ green zones and other fegetative patches (within the metaverse, and also later on within the real world too). All of the new users could have a maximum of 5 plants,(initially for the first 2 weeks, and after they have shown they can care for those, can purchase and apply for other supplies, plants, land etc.) . In the event that they the gamer / consumer and or prosumer want to plant more, they must upgrade their land to a larger space and spend tokens to do so. The number of tokens earned multiplies as users purchase additional plants and land and would be calculated in the “sliding scale” as above and would be credited accordingly to user NFT / or crypto ledger and the like ( as was indicated as above).

Prototype of plants and their seeds & different customizations

PFP Game
PFP Game2
PFP Game1

Alternatively, users can purchase their plants based on their MBTI  as defined through the CSE LMS personality quiz and as determined through character traits that are discovered by opted in surveys and throughout the metaverse too. (the MBTI test could then be hyperlinked into the game / game plat, so that users could find out their personality type before purchasing any plant seeds / plant materials and the like etc


CSE plant /flower greeting cards (with quotes and motivational sayings for sale in the metaverse as metaverse posters, NFTs)  or for Personality Types for the Metaverse.

PFP Game4
PFP Game5

Trading Cards.

A sample of a flower card (similar to Pokémon cards) could be sold and bought and traded so that users can choose their plants based on their personalities & traits and have these aligned with and customized with the plant’s attributes before purchasing them. These could then be purchased and adopted and placed into their land in the metaverse, (likewise added and grown in their real gardens in the real society). Signs and the like etc. can be hung and displayed in real scenarios and the like in cafes, shops, and other scenarios too.

Green Projects and their blockchains are to be incorporated into the CSE metaverse, Coin, and NFT exchanges and throughout the whole CSE ecosystem as a whole too.

Ethereum & Polygon

Benji Bananas – Farmer ( by default in the Metaverse who is skilled at growing and helping to beautify green zones within the Meta Verse itself too.

  • With the recent developments, the Benji Banana’s creator, Animoca Brands, is evolving the popular game into a play-to-earn game. (To feature within CSE and all the systems and its subsequent metaverse too).
  • Likewise, throughout the (CSE metaverse gameplay,), players use the main character, Benji to jump from vine to vine and collect bananas, trying not to fall or be hurt by obstacles. (Or other farm fruits, flowers, plants, and objects as defined within the CSE metaverse platformed game, etc.).
  • As part of the transition into a P2E game on the Ethereum blockchain,(and on Polygon /

Solana and the like etc), the current Benji Bananas players will be required to purchase ‘Benji GreenWorld Meta-Passes’. These passes act like NFTs that would allow players to earn more from the pooled BRILL tokens, and that could then be exchanged for

ApeCoins (APE).Blocto FLow Coin (ad, (Solar-x coin), Elyeseum coin at, and other coins and systems and exchanges that have added Brill and partnered with us. Brill and CSE systems are long on and favor ERC (Ethereum), Solana, Polygon, Brill, Shiba Ini, DogeCoin, Stellar, Ripple, Cardano, and also Monero. (We stake and namely hold Bitcoin reserves and our Green world smart contracts stake against BTC, ERC-20, Brill Native Coin, and also Solana and Polygon too.