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Why learning phonics is important

Do you know how to teach children whether they are at a loss or not? Is there no time for me to arrange a day? Want to know how to find a suitable course to help you learn? How to find a breakthrough in learning attitude and improve the parent-child relationship?

With our Commonsense Education methodology coupled with our language acquisition cycle incorporating M. E. L ®™© and our developed language acquisition techniques married with R. A. P ®™©, phonic skills, & our A. R. S. A systems ®™©, we ensure all of our student’s massive success.


Popular Courses

Quick Fix Phonics
Common Sense

Quick Fix Phonics

  • 4-hour program for reading and spelling
  • An unconventional approach to phonics
  • Simple for students, adults, and educators to understand and use​
  • Easy and effective so students can learn to decode quickly and start reading
Common Sense

Grammar with Fun

Learn proper grammar in an engaging and practical way. This is an ongoing class that meets daily to practice common grammar skills. Students learn a specific topic in each lesson and recycle the skills with engaging videos. You can subscribe to a 1-month class. Perfect for learners ages 6-12.

Reading Comprehension Skills
Common Sense

Reading Comprehension Skills

This 15-minute class will be taught focusing on one set of literacy skills for reading comprehension. Students will practice answering multiple-choice questions. In this class, students will develop their comprehension skills.

Phonics Booster and Spelling Support
Common Sense

Phonics Booster & Spelling Support

Engaging and fun instruction for emerging and struggling readers through our systematic, fun, evidence-based, and high-efficacy literacy program. Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Fluency.

Daily Vocabulary Fun
Common Sense

Daily Vocabulary Fun

Each day, students will learn and recycle 5-10 vocabulary words commonly found in age-appropriate reading passages. Students will increase their vocabulary, practice correct usage, hone their writing skills, and express their creativity in this ongoing class.

Common Sense

Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure and Writing

In this daily class, students will review sentence construction basics such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions to improve their sentence writing skills.

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While we are at the forefront of and specialize in STEAM education. we are very familiar with a number of delivery methods and are confident we can find the process that will best help you meet your goals.